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It’s that time of year again! The start of Fall means the start of holiday season and first up is Halloween! Halloween is such a fun theme to play with and you can create one-of-a-kind tables very easily. With the help of Allure Party Rentals, your party will be complete with our table and chair rentals, tons of linen rental designs, dinnerware, charger plates, tents, and more! Here are our favorite picks for Halloween to give you a little inspiration for your unforgettable bash.


Rent Tables & Chairs

The classic 60″ round table (seen above) is perfect for showcasing your centerpieces with maximum seating. Other fun table options are rectangular and square. Cocktail tables are also perfect for an informal party. Pair them with black spandex linens for a complete look. Black Chiavari Chairs are a perfect match for your Halloween table. We also love the Black Padded Folding Chairs, Silver Chiavari Chairs, and Ghost Chairs for Halloween looks.

Linens For Rent

Tablecloths truly bring your design together. Our favorite table linens for Halloween are Black Fortuny, Spandex in Black & Purple, and Satin for a more elegant look.


Get The Look: Black Fortuny Linen, Black Chiavari Chair, Organza Sashes

Pair your tablecloths with polyester napkins in black, purple, orange, and red. Finish the look on your chairs with our gorgeous sashes. The look below features Black Sparkle Organza Sashes, Orange Organza Sashes, and Eggplant Organza Sashes.

The Extras

If you’re planning your party outdoors, consider renting a tent. Clear top tents are great for night events. Your guests can see the stars and adding lighting will truly make the tent glow.

Don’t forget the dishes! Since most Halloween parties are informal occasions, we recommend adding the following tableware items to your list:

  • Dinner Plates (We love our Square White Dinnerware for Halloween)
  • Wine Glasses
  • Specialty Cocktail Glasses, such as Martini Glasses and Rocks Glasses (Halloween allows for a lot of fun drink mixtures!)
  • Dinner Forks & Knives
  • Charger Plates (We love the Black Glass Chargers and Silver Resin Chargers)


Halloween is the perfect party theme to have fun with. Mix and match colors, designs, and textures for a unique decor.

For more Halloween Party Rentals, visit our website, www.AllurePartyRentals.com or call (954) 598-9595. Make an appointment to visit our showroom to create designs in store!

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Lush Spring Weddings (South Florida Party Rentals)

Ahh..springtime. The fresh air, blooming flowers, and dry, comfortable temperatures. Is there a better time for a wedding in South Florida? This upcoming Spring will bring a whirlwind of lush, dramatic, and opulent event rentals using beautiful color palettes complemented by refreshing rental options. If you’re planning a wedding (or any party/event for that matter) in the Spring, you need to read our guide to a modern, fresh, and stylish look.

Color Palette

party rentals in fort lauderdale

We love the combination of traditional and non-traditional Spring colors. Each palette provides for easy flower arrangements and linen options.

wedding rentals miami

This bride used the yellow color scheme wonderfully by toning down the bright hues of yellow with White Chiavari Chairs. Adding a touch of the aqua color (shown above) would really make the event stand out!

This look: White Chiavari Chairs, Navy Satin Linens, Royal Tables, Yellow Napkins, White Dinnerware


To get this look: Contact us at (954) 598-9595

table and chair rentals miami

Using pink in your wedding is a great way to bring the romance into focus. Some brides steer clear of pink – thinking it is too feminine and too traditional. But pink can be used in so many ways to look modern, romantic, and beautiful. Try layering different shades, or combining it with a rich tone (like the eggplant shown above) to create a unique look.

Shown Here: White Chiavari Chairs, Pink Chiavari Caps, Pink Linens

vintage wedding rentals south florida Vintage is going to be super popular this Spring season. Although many event planners are beginning to transition into modern and voluptuous designs, lots of brides still love this look. Use farm tables and chiavari chairs to create a clean look – sometimes people clutter their look with multiple types of chairs – which just looks messy, let’s be honest. One type of chair and one or two types of tables keeps the look fresh and consistent. Always add natural layers to vintage, such as leafy plants, flowers, twigs, and delicate lighting.

Seen Above: Mahogany Chiavari Chairs, Farm Tables, White Dinnerware, Frame Tent

Top Party Rental Picks for Spring

You can’t go wrong with our list of top rental picks for Spring 2015:

1. Gold or Mahogany Chiavari Chairs: Stunning, sophisticated, classic: a perfect compliment to any decor.

2. Rectangular Tables or Farm Tables: Unique and beautiful

3. Soft-textured linens: Lighten up your Springtime event! Fabrics like satin, organza, sheer overlays, and polyester are won’t weigh down your design.

4. White Marbella Charger Plates: These gorgeous charger plates will compliment almost any design and they are unique – making your event stand out from the rest.

5. Clear Top Tents: See the stars and blooming trees! Outdoors are beautiful in the Springtime. Let the Earth’s natural decor become a backdrop to your look. Tent rentals also keep the rain and any extra heat at bay, so you will be cool and comfortable.


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Stunning in Neutral – Ivory Wedding Inspiration

Stunning in Neutral – Ivory Wedding Inspiration

Creating an ivory wedding with stunning rentals. Our company had the pleasure of helping to create a stunning wedding reception. The bride wanted her neutral color scheme to convey the utmost in romance and softness. We were able to achieve … Continue reading

The “In” Wedding – Ultimate Guide to the 2015 Wedding

For all your party rental needs in Miami, Broward, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach contact Allure Party Rentals today. Visit us on the web, www.AllurePartyRentals.com or give us a call (954) 598-9595.

Trends in wedding and event decor are gradually making a shift to two recurring themes – Modern Minimalism and Dramatic Opulence. What used to be DIY and Mason Jars is now caviar and elegant conversation pieces. Couples are now starting to look for a more elegant and formal setting as opposed to the vintage-esque outdoor venues. I personally love the new direction event design is heading. Clean lines and simplistic design complimented by touches of elegance is right up my alley taste-wise. Therefore, I am very excited to show you more about these up and coming wedding trends as well as show you how to pull them off – even on a budget!

Dramatic Opulence

Lush, romantic linens and floral arrangements set the tone for an opulent affair. When designing, you want to add that

Radiant Orchid Wedding“drama” piece – whether it be in your intricate table linens, a gleaming candelabra, bride and groom chairs, or hey, even a wall of flowers! Also, keep the look consistent. Keep centerpieces of the same height, one style of chairs, and lush tablescapes. There is a wonderful tone of softness in these looks.  In the picture to the left we see a dramatic, visually stimulating table. But look closer – doesn’t the decor convey romance and a certain sense of whimsical? The “Dramatic Opulence” table and chair rentals miamiwedding trend is all about creating an experience within the event.

On the other side of this trend we are seeing the beautiful reappearance of gold. Gold is a color that immediately makes you think of elegance and formality. Adding rich floral arrangements and loads of lighting are the decor trends to remember. Accent your table with candles, lucite candle holders, and statement pieces such as unique charger plates and flatware. Bottom line: the overdone vintage wedding inspiration is out; structured, formal, elegant affairs are in.

 Modern Minimalism

party rentals fort lauderdaleOn the complete other side of the spectrum, wedding planners are also expecting a rise in the sleek and modern wedding design. It’s going to be less DIY and more clean, modern lines and color palettes. Expertly styled minimalism is the sophisticated tent rentals miamialternative to all the DIY touches. Planners are now focusing on classic color combinations such as gray and white, black and white, and navy and cream. As you can see in the picture to the left, these designs are fresher and sophisticated instead of being drenched in rustic decorum and mismatched chairs. Please, stop mismatching chairs; it’s messy. Modern minimalism has one recurring theme – the design isparty rentals miami simple, consistent, clean, and uncluttered. One of my brides asked about this new trend, saying “I want sparkle and fun, but I want it to be clean.” Yes, yes you do. And yes, you can have it! Look at these gorgeous weddings to the right – and look at them shine. The key is where you add the glitter. In the top right picture we see it in the centerpieces – they are tall and voluptuous. In contrast, the lower right picture has a sequined linen (ah-mazing!) with a lower, simpler centerpiece.

winter-wedding-centerpieces-1 party rentals fort lauderdaleSo, let’s sum it up. The new wedding will be sophisticated, formal, and elegant. Whether it be from a modern design aspect or an elaborate one; you just need to decide which aesthetic works for you. The new color palettes are varying hues of orchid, gold and cream, navy and ivory, gray and white, and white and black.

There’s More!

There’s large statement pieces – think a chandelier or cake table – and there’s even a social media ban? Yep, couples are now asking guests to put away their electronics and participate in the moment. Couples are also opting for hand-written invitations, however they are not the same DIY seen in the vintage wedding trends. These handwritten invitations are done professionally by a calligrapher and can be custom designed for your wedding.

On a Budget? Let’s Talk!

When designing your wedding on a budget it’s all about splurge vs save. linen rentalsYou have to know where to spend your money (wisely) and where you can afford to cut back. Here are some of my favorite tricks to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Chairs vs Chair Covers = Chairs Win. Not only is it a much better look, you can actually save a ton when you just rent nicer chairs over renting covers and sashes. Also, keeping your chair look consistent throughout the event can often be a big money saver. Here’s how with an inside secret: renting the same style chairs in large quantities can often result in discounts on the chair rental. If you want to add difference do so with the bride and groom chairs by dressing them up.

Linens – partly. I’m not saying completely on this one because it’s really a balancing act. Linens are a fantastic way to add uniqueness and beauty to an event. If your budget simply doesn’t allot an expensive linen choice all around, try this. Keep the napkins polyester; they even work better that way than the slippery satin ones and rent your heart-set statement linen for your sweetheart and cake table. I recommend this to brides daily. The cost won’t be nearly as abundant when you rent one or two of that gorgeous linen your dreaming of. It’s all about compromise.

Food & Drink. You can serve your guests delicious food without have to create a restaurant. Keep the choices minimal and consider choosing a tasting type menu. Offer guests a few choices of foods in a petite portion. This is much less costly than the large, family-style dinners we were used to seeing. Another thing I like to suggest is your bar options. Liquor costs can easily set you way above your budget; but it doesn’t have to. Have a signature drink with limited ingredients. Then, offer guests a red wine, white wine, beer, or your signature drink. It’s the concept of a simple open bar.

Lighting. Uplighting can run you thousands of dollars. Candles are a cheaper, and often prettier, lighting option. Load up on tea light candles which can be displayed in a variety of ways in holders on the table and suspended from the ceiling. Floating candles are also budget-friendly and are simply stunning when added to your centerpiece.

Splurge, Somewhat
On the tent. Beware of the company that tells you 100 guests will fit in the 20 x 40 tent. Beware of the same type of companies that tell you a 20 x 20 tent, tables, and chairs will run you $150.00. You’re not getting an actual 20 x 20 tent and your tables and chairs will be horrific. I’m speaking from experience and it has never worked out for any couple. Your tent is your wedding venue. You want it to be nice and comfortable. Make sure you are renting the appropriate size – you don’t want your guests to be squished! Opt in to simple chandeliers for the lighting and add a few swags of drapery from the fabric stores. You’ll be thankful you did.

For all your party rental needs in Miami, Broward, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach contact Allure Party Rentals today. Visit us on the web, www.AllurePartyRentals.com or give us a call (954) 598-9595.

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How To: A Trendsetting Radiant Orchid Wedding

If you’re like us, yparty rentals south floridaou are loving Pantone’s 2014 Color of The Year – Radiant Orchid. Stunning purples convey excitement, fun, and romance, with a dash of royalty. Orchid is such a fun color to play with when it comes to weddings and special events. There are various shades of orchid and with it a variety of complimentary metallics and neutrals. Since orchid is such a vibrant color, some brides are slightly skeptical when choosing to decorate with this bold choice. Not to worry, you’re orchid affair will be elegant and lively, without being overbearing.

 Start with the basics

Picking your neutral is always a great place the start because it plays a large role in determining the look for your event. Will you be needing a tent rental? Tents are usually white or clear – if you go with a white top you may consider making it your neutral color. What type of chair rentals will you choose? Our favorite event chairs paired with orchid are chiavari chairs in gold, silver, and mahogany as well as the vineyard chair and white padded folding chWedding Rentals South Floridaairs.

Chiavari chairs are a great option when choosing a rental chair. You can upgrade to different colored cushions and add sashes for decor.  This bride used orchid chair cushions to add a pop of color to her ceremony.


wedding chair rentals miamiLinens are a great place to add color and texture to your decor.  You can start with a fun textured fabric, such as fortuny or ruffled ribbons in your neutral and add color with napkins and sashes.

Doing the entire tablecloth in your favorite shade of orchid is a great way to make your tables stand out. Satin textures are beautiful with bold shades and pair well with a variety of decors.

After you choose linens, it’s time to accessorize the table. Metallic gold and silver charger plates look amazing with an orchid scheme, while coordinating with your chairs. You can continue to add metallic with the dinnerware by choosing a setting with a gold or platinum band.

Using a variety of acrylic and glass elements in your wedding chair rentals fort lauderdaletable design will add sophistication without deterring from the vibrancy of your color scheme.

Try layering your shades

Pairing different shades of orchid creates visual interest in event decor. Try a few different types of flowers in your centerpiece and coordinating sashes, cushions, and napkins.

For more tips and all the wedding rentals you need in South Florida, visit our website www.AllurePartyRentals.com.

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