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Halloween Party Rentals – Broward, Miami, Palm Beach

It’s that time of year again! The start of Fall means the start of holiday season and first up is Halloween! Halloween is such a fun theme to play with and you can create one-of-a-kind tables very easily. With the help of Allure Party Rentals, your party will be complete with our table and chair rentals, tons of linen rental designs, dinnerware, charger plates, tents, and more! Here are our favorite picks for Halloween to give you a little inspiration for your unforgettable bash.


Rent Tables & Chairs

The classic 60″ round table (seen above) is perfect for showcasing your centerpieces with maximum seating. Other fun table options are rectangular and square. Cocktail tables are also perfect for an informal party. Pair them with black spandex linens for a complete look. Black Chiavari Chairs are a perfect match for your Halloween table. We also love the Black Padded Folding Chairs, Silver Chiavari Chairs, and Ghost Chairs for Halloween looks.

Linens For Rent

Tablecloths truly bring your design together. Our favorite table linens for Halloween are Black Fortuny, Spandex in Black & Purple, and Satin for a more elegant look.


Get The Look: Black Fortuny Linen, Black Chiavari Chair, Organza Sashes

Pair your tablecloths with polyester napkins in black, purple, orange, and red. Finish the look on your chairs with our gorgeous sashes. The look below features Black Sparkle Organza Sashes, Orange Organza Sashes, and Eggplant Organza Sashes.

The Extras

If you’re planning your party outdoors, consider renting a tent. Clear top tents are great for night events. Your guests can see the stars and adding lighting will truly make the tent glow.

Don’t forget the dishes! Since most Halloween parties are informal occasions, we recommend adding the following tableware items to your list:

  • Dinner Plates (We love our Square White Dinnerware for Halloween)
  • Wine Glasses
  • Specialty Cocktail Glasses, such as Martini Glasses and Rocks Glasses (Halloween allows for a lot of fun drink mixtures!)
  • Dinner Forks & Knives
  • Charger Plates (We love the Black Glass Chargers and Silver Resin Chargers)


Halloween is the perfect party theme to have fun with. Mix and match colors, designs, and textures for a unique decor.

For more Halloween Party Rentals, visit our website, www.AllurePartyRentals.com or call (954) 598-9595. Make an appointment to visit our showroom to create designs in store!

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Table, Chair, & Tent Rentals South Florida

Allure Party Rentals is celebrating the New Year with new products in our selection of tent rentals and table and chair rentals. We have added even more brand new chiavari chair rentals to our vast chairs for rent. Rent your favorite color chiavari chairs in white, black, mahogany, gold, silver, and clear for less than anywhere in Broward, Miami, or Palm Beach! Chiavari chairs are the favorite chair rental choice for wedding chairs and special event chairs. Allure Party Rentals continues to expand our inventory of these beautiful chairs.

White-Wash-Chiavari.jpgIf you are looking for folding chair rentals, ceremony chair rentals, Allure Party Rentals has just added brand new white, black, and mahogany padded folding chairs. These rental chairs are a great economical option for parties and beach weddings.

For customers looking for a rustic, vintage, or tuscan-inspired wedding or event, our brand new additions of farm tables for rent, vineyard chairs, and white wash chiavari chairs are perfect! Allure Party Rentals is the only company in South Florida to offer these beautiful table and chair rentals at an affordable price.

We have also added the new Elio Chair to our chair rental collection. These chairs are perfect for industrialized events and weddings. Allure Party Rentals has that perfect unique piece for a standout wedding rental.

If your wedding or event is going to be outdoors, consider renting a tent! We have just added beautiful new clear top tents and white top tent rentals to our inventory. Clear top tents are perfect for bringing the scenery into your decor while protecting from the elements. Add lighting and sidewalls for a custom look that’s all your own!large_round_farm_table.jpg

When you combine unique wedding tent rentals, tables and chairs, and linens for rent from Allure Party Rentals, you’re creating a stunning wedding or event that’s sure to be remembered!

Allure Party Rentals provides high quality chair and table rentals and tent rentals to all of South Florida including party rentals in Broward, Fort Lauderdale, chair rentals in Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, and wedding table rentals in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, and surrounding areas.

View all of our party tables and chairs for rent, tents for rent, linens, catering equipment, charger plates, and more at https://www.AllurePartyRentals.com.

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Wedding Planning: Essentials Checklist from Allure Party Rentals

Planning a wedding on your own can be tough! And sometimes, essential items can get overlooked, such as counting the bridal party in your seat count, and counting for last-minute rsvps. The experts at Allure Party Rentals have compiled important information about both the ceremony and reception, including essential information for guest seating. For more tips and tricks visit our website, www.AllurePartyRentals.com.

South Florida Party Rental Checklist

Rentals are a pivotal part of any wedding. After all, the tables and chairs set the layoutof the entire room. Keep these things in mind for you rentals:

Outdoor Events

  1. Is your venue outside? If so, consider renting a tent. If you are worried about the view, choose a Clear Top Tent. tablerentalsftlauderdaleTents are great for temperature control and deterring bugs. And, if it happens to rain, you’re covered.
  2. If you’re renting a tent, have you accounted for the various sections you will need space for? Are you planning to put the caterers or buffet under the tent? How about the dance floor, DJ, and cocktail hour? It’s always safe to plan for extra space rather than finding out you didn’t plan for enough.
  3. Is your event at night? Don’t forget the lighting!
  4. Outdoor Ceremony? It is imperative you know how far your ceremony site is from unload site. A long-distance unload site, not previously planned for, can delay both vendors and guests.
  5. Other items to consider: Make sure your guests are aware of the nearest restroom(s) location to the tent. Have an idea how far away parking is from the party space, as well as where your various vendors will be best able to access the space, including caterers, rental companies, and decorators.

Indoor Events & Reception Information

  1. Table Preparations: How many tables do you really need? Of course, count out how many guests will be sitting per table to total your guest tables. However, don’t forget to account for the bridal party. Are you and your spouse planning to have a separate sweetheart table? Do you want the bridal party at a separate table together or mixed in with the other guest seating? Other tables to consider: Cake Table, Desert Table, Gift Table, Sign-in table or favor table, buffet tables, drink station tables, and tables for cocktail hour. chairrentals
  2. Cocktail Hour Tables: A good rule of thumb is to have 1 cocktail table per 5-7 guests. So, if you have a guest count of 50, rent 8-10 tables. You can also mix bar height and dinner height tables. When using dinner height tables, with seating, plan for 1 table per 10 guests. So, for 50 guests, a mixed-table setting may include 5 cocktail tables and 2 dinner height tables.
  3. Chair Preparations: It is very common for last-minute attendees, whether it is a late RSVP or an unplanned +1. It is always a good idea to rent extras, including chairs. An additional 2-3 chairs will go a long with should the situation arise.
    1. Don’t forget yourself! This may seem obvious, but a lot of brides forget to rent chairs for themselves and their spouses, since they are so concentrated on the guest count. If you have 50 attendees, you still need 52 chairs (plus any extras). View our selection of wedding chair rentals.
    2. Cocktail Hour: Always have at least sparse seating options for cocktail hour. You do not necessarily need to fill each table with stools, but it is a good idea to rent a few bar stools – you can even rent two stools for every other table. And, if you are having dinner height tables, always include seating.
  4. Table Settings: Each wedding is different, but there are standard guidelines you can use to determine your place setting needs.weddingrentals
    1. 1 plate per person, per dish, and 5 extra for every 50 guests. Always rent extra dinnerware – it is almost always needed.
    2. 3 glasses per person. The typical wedding, holiday party, or corporate event calls for a wine glass, champagne flute, and a regular drinking glass.
    3. 1 fork or spoon per person, per forked or spoon dish, plus 1 knife per person. Use the same rules for extras as applied to dinnerware. And, don’t forget additional knives for butter, forks for cake, and spoons for coffee or iced tea.
    4. Napkins: 1 napkin per person plus 10 extra.
    5. Buffeted Dinners: For buffet style meals, rent 1 plate per person per dish, plus 10 extra for every 50-70 guests; this also applies to flatware. Buffet service almost always requires more plates than sit-downs.

It is important to find a South Florida party rental company who provides all of these wedding rental items. At Allure Party Rentals, we carry affordable & high quality tent rentals, table and chair rentals, table linens, dinnerware, glassware, charger plates, dance floors, and more. We also offer amazing Party Rental Packages to easily plan out your perfect wedding! Visit our website to view our full inventory of party rental equipment and be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Allure Party Rentals is South Florida’s top choice for party rental equipment in Broward County, Miami, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, and surrounding areas. Rent everything for your wedding or event, including chaivari chairs, ceremony chairs, tents, tables, tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and sashes, dance floors, and tableware.

Lush Spring Weddings (South Florida Party Rentals)

Ahh..springtime. The fresh air, blooming flowers, and dry, comfortable temperatures. Is there a better time for a wedding in South Florida? This upcoming Spring will bring a whirlwind of lush, dramatic, and opulent event rentals using beautiful color palettes complemented by refreshing rental options. If you’re planning a wedding (or any party/event for that matter) in the Spring, you need to read our guide to a modern, fresh, and stylish look.

Color Palette

party rentals in fort lauderdale

We love the combination of traditional and non-traditional Spring colors. Each palette provides for easy flower arrangements and linen options.

wedding rentals miami

This bride used the yellow color scheme wonderfully by toning down the bright hues of yellow with White Chiavari Chairs. Adding a touch of the aqua color (shown above) would really make the event stand out!

This look: White Chiavari Chairs, Navy Satin Linens, Royal Tables, Yellow Napkins, White Dinnerware


To get this look: Contact us at (954) 598-9595

table and chair rentals miami

Using pink in your wedding is a great way to bring the romance into focus. Some brides steer clear of pink – thinking it is too feminine and too traditional. But pink can be used in so many ways to look modern, romantic, and beautiful. Try layering different shades, or combining it with a rich tone (like the eggplant shown above) to create a unique look.

Shown Here: White Chiavari Chairs, Pink Chiavari Caps, Pink Linens

vintage wedding rentals south florida Vintage is going to be super popular this Spring season. Although many event planners are beginning to transition into modern and voluptuous designs, lots of brides still love this look. Use farm tables and chiavari chairs to create a clean look – sometimes people clutter their look with multiple types of chairs – which just looks messy, let’s be honest. One type of chair and one or two types of tables keeps the look fresh and consistent. Always add natural layers to vintage, such as leafy plants, flowers, twigs, and delicate lighting.

Seen Above: Mahogany Chiavari Chairs, Farm Tables, White Dinnerware, Frame Tent

Top Party Rental Picks for Spring

You can’t go wrong with our list of top rental picks for Spring 2015:

1. Gold or Mahogany Chiavari Chairs: Stunning, sophisticated, classic: a perfect compliment to any decor.

2. Rectangular Tables or Farm Tables: Unique and beautiful

3. Soft-textured linens: Lighten up your Springtime event! Fabrics like satin, organza, sheer overlays, and polyester are won’t weigh down your design.

4. White Marbella Charger Plates: These gorgeous charger plates will compliment almost any design and they are unique – making your event stand out from the rest.

5. Clear Top Tents: See the stars and blooming trees! Outdoors are beautiful in the Springtime. Let the Earth’s natural decor become a backdrop to your look. Tent rentals also keep the rain and any extra heat at bay, so you will be cool and comfortable.


To view our full inventory of party rental equipment, visit our website www.AllurePartyRentals.com

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Stunning in Neutral – Ivory Wedding Inspiration

Stunning in Neutral – Ivory Wedding Inspiration

Creating an ivory wedding with stunning rentals. Our company had the pleasure of helping to create a stunning wedding reception. The bride wanted her neutral color scheme to convey the utmost in romance and softness. We were able to achieve … Continue reading

How To: A Trendsetting Radiant Orchid Wedding

If you’re like us, yparty rentals south floridaou are loving Pantone’s 2014 Color of The Year – Radiant Orchid. Stunning purples convey excitement, fun, and romance, with a dash of royalty. Orchid is such a fun color to play with when it comes to weddings and special events. There are various shades of orchid and with it a variety of complimentary metallics and neutrals. Since orchid is such a vibrant color, some brides are slightly skeptical when choosing to decorate with this bold choice. Not to worry, you’re orchid affair will be elegant and lively, without being overbearing.

 Start with the basics

Picking your neutral is always a great place the start because it plays a large role in determining the look for your event. Will you be needing a tent rental? Tents are usually white or clear – if you go with a white top you may consider making it your neutral color. What type of chair rentals will you choose? Our favorite event chairs paired with orchid are chiavari chairs in gold, silver, and mahogany as well as the vineyard chair and white padded folding chWedding Rentals South Floridaairs.

Chiavari chairs are a great option when choosing a rental chair. You can upgrade to different colored cushions and add sashes for decor.  This bride used orchid chair cushions to add a pop of color to her ceremony.


wedding chair rentals miamiLinens are a great place to add color and texture to your decor.  You can start with a fun textured fabric, such as fortuny or ruffled ribbons in your neutral and add color with napkins and sashes.

Doing the entire tablecloth in your favorite shade of orchid is a great way to make your tables stand out. Satin textures are beautiful with bold shades and pair well with a variety of decors.

After you choose linens, it’s time to accessorize the table. Metallic gold and silver charger plates look amazing with an orchid scheme, while coordinating with your chairs. You can continue to add metallic with the dinnerware by choosing a setting with a gold or platinum band.

Using a variety of acrylic and glass elements in your wedding chair rentals fort lauderdaletable design will add sophistication without deterring from the vibrancy of your color scheme.

Try layering your shades

Pairing different shades of orchid creates visual interest in event decor. Try a few different types of flowers in your centerpiece and coordinating sashes, cushions, and napkins.

For more tips and all the wedding rentals you need in South Florida, visit our website www.AllurePartyRentals.com.

Renting Tables & Chairs in South Florida

Allure Party Rentals carries a variety of tables and chairs for rent. Choosing which tables and chairs are best for your event is very important. The following guide will help you decide the tables and chairs you need!

Choosing Your TablesChiavari Chair Rentals Fort Lauderdale

When renting tables for an event, you first need to consider your guest count. How many people will be sitting? Different size tables seat different numbers of guests. The most popular types of tables are the 60″ Round Tables and the 8′ Rectangular Tables. These tables seat 8-10 guests each and can be used in a variety of venues.



How much space do I have in my venue?

Many of our customers ask us, “How can I save as much space as possible?”. The answer is easier than you think; round tables always take up more space than rectangular tables. With rectangular tables, you can arrange them in Blue-and-White-Striped-Table-Setting1different ways to best accommodate your space. The smaller the table, the less space it will take up. That is why the 60″ Round Tables and 8′ Rectangular Tables are the most popular – they seat the maximum amount of guests with the least amount of space.

Choosing Your Chairs

There are a variety of chairs for rent. Price is often a factor,  however the cheapest chairs are not typically used for indoor or upscale events. To help make the decision easier, we have described the best setting for each of the chair rentals we carry.

tables and chairs for rent fort lauderdaleSamsonite Chairs: These chairs are best used for outdoor events and backyard parties. Samsonite chairs fold and are easy to transport if you are picking them up.

Padded Folding Chairs: An upgraded version of the folding chair, padded folding chairs are most commonly used for outdoor ceremonies and casual functions.

Chiavari Chairs: The quintessential wedding and event chair. Chiavari chair rentals are best for upscale events and under tents. Available in a variety of colors, renting a chiavari chair offers the most style enhancing rental to accessorize your event decor. You can also extend the design of the chair by adding cushions in your favorite color.

Ghost Chairs: These chairs are most commonly used for corporate events and upscale luncheons. They take up more space than the chiavari chair, but their unique design is popular with corporate planners.wedding chair rentals miami

Vineyard Chairs: Our newest member of our chair family; these chairs are perfect for vintage weddings and events. Vineyard chairs include a comfortable cushion and they do take up more square footage than chiavari chairs.

The most important aspect in renting tables and chairs in South Florida is to choose a reliable company. Allure Party Rentals carries the highest quality chairs at the best prices in Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach. Call us today for your free event consultation and quote (954) 598-9595.