Renting Tables & Chairs in South Florida

Allure Party Rentals carries a variety of tables and chairs for rent. Choosing which tables and chairs are best for your event is very important. The following guide will help you decide the tables and chairs you need!

Choosing Your TablesChiavari Chair Rentals Fort Lauderdale

When renting tables for an event, you first need to consider your guest count. How many people will be sitting? Different size tables seat different numbers of guests. The most popular types of tables are the 60″ Round Tables and the 8′ Rectangular Tables. These tables seat 8-10 guests each and can be used in a variety of venues.



How much space do I have in my venue?

Many of our customers ask us, “How can I save as much space as possible?”. The answer is easier than you think; round tables always take up more space than rectangular tables. With rectangular tables, you can arrange them in Blue-and-White-Striped-Table-Setting1different ways to best accommodate your space. The smaller the table, the less space it will take up. That is why the 60″ Round Tables and 8′ Rectangular Tables are the most popular – they seat the maximum amount of guests with the least amount of space.

Choosing Your Chairs

There are a variety of chairs for rent. Price is often a factor,  however the cheapest chairs are not typically used for indoor or upscale events. To help make the decision easier, we have described the best setting for each of the chair rentals we carry.

tables and chairs for rent fort lauderdaleSamsonite Chairs: These chairs are best used for outdoor events and backyard parties. Samsonite chairs fold and are easy to transport if you are picking them up.

Padded Folding Chairs: An upgraded version of the folding chair, padded folding chairs are most commonly used for outdoor ceremonies and casual functions.

Chiavari Chairs: The quintessential wedding and event chair. Chiavari chair rentals are best for upscale events and under tents. Available in a variety of colors, renting a chiavari chair offers the most style enhancing rental to accessorize your event decor. You can also extend the design of the chair by adding cushions in your favorite color.

Ghost Chairs: These chairs are most commonly used for corporate events and upscale luncheons. They take up more space than the chiavari chair, but their unique design is popular with corporate chair rentals miami

Vineyard Chairs: Our newest member of our chair family; these chairs are perfect for vintage weddings and events. Vineyard chairs include a comfortable cushion and they do take up more square footage than chiavari chairs.

The most important aspect in renting tables and chairs in South Florida is to choose a reliable company. Allure Party Rentals carries the highest quality chairs at the best prices in Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach. Call us today for your free event consultation and quote (954) 598-9595.


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